The benefits of Mindfulness

The benefits of Mindfulness

Surely you would like to know the benefits of Mindfulness.

Maybe if you approach this technique vital force enduromax, also called mindfulness, either because you heard something or someone told you that it can help you reduce your stress, relax or have a calmer mind.

And, they do not lack reason to those people who speak of these benefits or improvements derived from the practice of Mindfulness. Now, I would like to qualify this concept called “benefits”.

For starters I will tell you that if the only reason that makes you practice mindfulness is to obtain a benefit, you are misguided.

As it happens when we look for a benefit in something, we are projecting ourselves towards a future in which to obtain something that we do not have now. And, although conceptually it may seem that if you lack a calm mind, with the practice of Mindfulness it will be what you get, this is really wrong.

The first thing is to know that at its base, mindfulness is based on the conscious experience, without judgment and with acceptance of the present moment.

So if you are looking for something that you suppose you do not have now, and you intend to have it in a future in which you will be better than now, you are contradicting the foundations where Mindfulness is based.

Do you get the idea?

In this case of projecting the achievement in the future, what can happen is that the same thing happens to you as the thousands of people who sign up each year to a gym in order to improve their appearance or health.

The purpose in principle is good, but the following month only those who carry the whole year continue to train.

And why is this? Very easy. This society increasingly accelerated and focused on the quick result can not wait. Paradoxically, for the only thing that interests us the present is so that it could materialize instantaneously in it what we hope to obtain in the future. And of course, since this is impossible and if it does not happen as fast as our accelerated mind wants, very soon it feels frustrated and looks for another new “future illusion” in which to project itself.

This is how the human being lives. Looking for novelty and continuous encouragement. This is a sick mind that creates sick societies.


If you want to learn Mindfulness techniques my recommendation is that you do it free of expectations and without thinking of an achievement for the future. You only have to put into practice what you are going to propose to do. This is: on the one hand the daily meditation and on the other the application of some exercises of mindfulness in the daily life, in addition to a series of explanations relative to the calls “attitudes Mindfulness” before the life.

In this way you will begin to train that muscle of attention and little by little your mind will be more docile. You can respond instead of reacting impulsively to situations in life. You can also detect thoughts about the future, which cause you concern, or thoughts about painful events from the past, or the attachment to situations or people that are no longer there.

In summary, what you learn is to “be one” with life, to flow with the present and to live it intensely in the moment. Instantaneous after instant, being aware that everything is part of the change in which our existence is sustained, the universe and our relationship with it.

Obviously, once you integrate all this in your life, you can feel better and suffer less. But this can only happen if you do not set a goal to achieve in the future, because then you have not changed anything of your way of acting until now.

I hope my message has been captured. Again, I insist on talking about the benefits of Mindfulness, can attract to this practice many people who seek a quick fix, a panacea for their ills. And this is not correct.

As a professional dedicated to helping people to have a life more free of suffering through mindfulness, I think it is important to clarify this, and that, if you are aware that your life needs change, do it from the conviction, that only what you are truly committed can happen, and do not project it as something to be obtained in the future, but a path of transformation that happens at every moment in which you become aware of yourself.

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How physical activity should be of people over 50

How physical activity should be of people over 50

Finding ourselves at an advanced age is mass cut pro no excuse to stop training our body on a frequent basis. Doing physical activity after age 50 is essential to maintain good health and it has many other benefits. Today we will teach everything there is to know about exercise at that age.

Why exercise when we turn 50?

As we mentioned earlier, taking physical activity after 50 years brings different benefits, among which are:
1. To lose weight

The more years go by, the weight gain begins to become more noticeable because of the slowing down of the metabolism. To maintain a visually healthy figure and take care of health it is important to burn the extra calories.

2. To increase muscle mass

Strengthen our muscles at this age is essential to improve metabolism, take care of the joints and stay strong for the future. The aforementioned weight gain is also accompanied by the loss of muscle mass in an accelerated manner, and in the same way the practice of physical activity combats it.

3. For coordination

It will not do us any good to have the proper physical condition if we do not have control over our muscles or movements. There are different exercises that will help us with this.

4. To move better

Having the elderly so close, makes us lose different faculties. Maintaining adequate physical activity will allow us to have good mobility for longer. The same goes for elasticity.

What kind of exercises can a person older than 50 include in their routine?
1. Strength exercises

As mentioned, increasing muscle mass after 50 years is a feasible fact, and we can achieve this if we include strength exercises at least twice a week. There should be about 10 exercises of 10 repetitions for each one, and that they work the shoulders, the arms, the abdomen and the legs.

To meet these exercises we can help all the equipment we have available, from weights to machines, always increasing the weight progressively with the passing of training. It is advisable to also resort to other activities such as cycling or martial arts to complement the increase of our strength.

2. Resistance exercises

Add also at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises 5 days a week is beneficial to our cardiovascular health and develop resistance. In this section we are totally free to choose the kind of sport that we like the most suitable to work the resistance, we can opt for ball sports such as football or basketball or other kinds such as jogging or cycling.

Bear in mind that when exercised by people over 50 years we should have a heart rate between 85 and 145 beats per minute, so you have to keep a record all the time of this data. To do this we only have to take the pulse for 10 seconds and multiply it by 6.

3. Exercises for flexibility and coordination

These two aspects are fundamental to maintaining an acceptable quality of life even during the following years. What we must do to work flexibility and coordination are stretching exercises that do not have the greatest difficulty.

We can start with the typical stretches in one place that work several muscles at a time, holding them for 20 seconds without moving. Some techniques that we should put into practice would be to touch the fingertips as long as possible or walk on the heels in a small space, to name a few examples

Other beneficial activities

In addition to the routines of exercise and the practice of a sport, we can also complement our healthy life with some activities that are just as fun and enriching as they are beneficial, among which we can mention:

1. Go for a walk

Nothing like a good walk in our favorite place to clear the mind and keep us entertained while our body is benefiting from a low intensity exercise. Taking the dog for half an hour a day does not require the greatest physical demand and in return gives us a perfect complement to the sports routine.

2. Go swimming

Swimming is a super entertaining exercise and is one of the most complete that exists since it works almost all the muscles of the body while doing cardio. It is an activity that we are recommended to do frequently to people of 50 years or more since there is practically no risk of suffering any type of injury in the water. A perfect activity to get all the juice during the summer.

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Boxing: how are the trainings

Boxing: how are the trainings

Boxing has been one of the most criticized bioflex pro sports in the world of sports because it is not considered a sport

as such and even many people have considered it brutal or too aggressive, however, people who practice this type of sport speaks of a great concentration in which they spend many hours training very hard to get the body they need and above all have the right concentration to avoid getting angry with your opponent during fights and genuinely taken as a sport.
Regardless of all this, what we present today is a series of videos in which you can see the training of people who practice this sport in a professional way so you can get an idea of ​​how hard they are and the type of exercise that is they require.
In the video we can see 4 different types of exercises that are cataloged as the best exercises for professional boxers.
In the following video, you can find a boxing routine by uan of the most famous trainers of the moment that will help you get fit at home if you want to start in the world of boxing.
Remember that in addition to the exercises for the body, boxers must train their mind through meditation. It is very important that at no time during the fight you get angry with your opponent and you must be clear at all times that in this game, who loses patience, loses the game.

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You may initially experience some numbness or pain

You may initially experience some numbness or pain at the site of the incision,

but it will improve after a few days, when cbd gummy bears your body heals. However, you should tell the doctor about any redness, swelling, increased bleeding or knots at the incision site.

Your menstruation after laparoscopy for endometriosis may vary. You may experience pain and heavy bleeding, but do not worry because your body is still in the process of recovery. Tell the doctor if the pain is persistent and severe.

Frequently asked questions about endometriosis and laparoscopy

Q: Why do I need a laparoscopy for endometriosis? A: The diagnosis of endometriosis can only be made by laparoscopy. A combination of medical and surgical treatment may be necessary because endometriosis is an unpredictable disease that can affect your fertility.

Q: Will I need any other laparoscopy? A: Most women do not require another laparoscopic procedure in the future, but in some cases endometriosis can recur, so they will require another procedure.

Q: Will they have to eliminate my uterus? A: Removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) is not necessary, since treatments tend to preserve your fertility.

Q: Can I get pregnant? A: Infertility can occur in women that endometriosis causes severe changes in the ovaries and fallopian tubes. With early laparoscopy, endometriosis should not cause infertility.

Q: Should I get pregnant soon to cure endometriosis? A: Some women believe that getting pregnant can cure endometriosis, but this is just a myth.

Q: How long should I go to follow-up visits for endometriosis? A: Endometriosis is a long-term condition that has no cure, so it requires long-term treatment and follow-up, especially during the woman’s fertile years. You may be prescribed medications to control the symptoms and ask you to go for follow-up visits.

P: Is laparoscopy more effective than laparotomy? R:

Laparoscopy is less invasive than laparotomy, but they are equally effective. The recurrence rates of both procedures are similar, but women who undergo laparoscopy usually experience a less painful and faster recovery. Talk to your doctor about the advantages and risks of each technique.

Q: What can be done to reduce the likelihood of new adhesions forming? A: Adhesions or fibrous bands that connect abnormally separated structures usually develop after surgery. Some patients who undergo laparoscopy for endometriosis form adhesions at the site of surgery, which can cause infertility, pelvic pain or small bowel obstruction.

Preventive treatments during surgery can help prevent the formation of adhesions. These include the use of special solutions to rinse the pelvic cavity after surgery and the placement of a protective material to act as a barrier that will prevent surfaces from rubbing. This barrier eventually dissolves and is absorbed by the body. In some cases, additional surgeries will be needed to eliminate adhesions formed after laparoscopy.

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5 tips to enjoy without remorse

Are sweets your weakness? 5 tips to enjoy without remorse

Sweets are your first choice when you want snacks?

Have you identified that your nutrigold garcinia cambogia gold weight problems are due to the excessive consumption of sugar, sweets, sodas and snacks?

It does not just happen to you …

Today I will give you 5 tips so that sweets stop being your problem and become your allies.

1. Breakfast
After a whole night of not having consumed any energy for your body, it is very necessary to recharge with a good breakfast.

Otherwise your body will be playing all day with your mind and your tastes so that energy deficit is restored. In other words, you will want to consume fatty and sweet foods for the rest of the day.

And what can you do…

Start to have breakfast!

Include in your plate fruits, a yogurt shake, an egg omelette and whole toast.

Take the challenge and start eating your sugar levels will be level and you will begin to think with your head and not your stomach. You will see that you will not want to eat fried and sweet things and in this way you will lose weight more easily in a healthy way and without sacrifices.

2. Your favorite fruit in 5 steps

One of the most successful strategies to avoid eating sweets and flours is as follows:

Choose a fruit or vegetable that you love. I’ll give you some ideas: green mango, pineapple, watermelon, celery, cucumber, carrot, strawberries.

Picalas in small pieces.

Pack them in your favorite container.

Take them with you or keep them in the fridge ready to eat.

Enjoy them whenever you want to eat something delicious. Fruits have the ability to maintain your body with the necessary satiety to prevent you from being hungry and have few calories.

Remember also that fruits and vegetables keep your body in a permanent state of detoxification. On the contrary, sugars in excess age us faster.

And how much fruit can you eat?


All you need. It is better to consume fruits regardless of whether these are sweet, the important thing is to avoid reaching anxiety states where you end up eating desserts high in sugar and fat.

3.Dried and dehydrated nuts

The nuts are peanuts, nuts, almonds …

Rich, right?

These foods take care of your heart and your brain.

You can combine them and keep them in your bag or your desk and enjoy them when you feel like something delicious.

I recommend you combine them with raisins, blueberries or dehydrated fruits, they will give a sweet flavor that relieves the craving of snacks in the mornings or afternoons.

4. Share the dessert

Food is part of the emotions of human beings, and a pleasant way to remember and feel is to eat your favorite dessert, the one you shared with your family, or the one your grandmother made …

If your favorite dessert arrives at your table and you do not resist the temptation to remember those moments where you have enjoyed it the most, then invite more friends.

Thus the calories will be divided among several and you will enjoy a small portion without feeling sad to leave part of it.
5. Sweet desserts without sugar

In the market there are many options to enjoy desserts and foods with all the sweet taste but without the calories of sugar.


These will be achieved with the sugar of fruits, natural or artificial sweeteners.

Some examples….

Arequipe without sugar

Chocolatinas without sugar.

Gelatin without calories.
Now you have 5 strategies for your palate to enjoy the sweet taste but your body does not suffer the consequences and gain weight.

You already know that you can enjoy the sweet taste without this being your enemy.

Keep in mind these types and tell me your experience.

Share this blog with your friends and subscribe to my page to receive more tips to see and feel with the desired body.

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Make sure you consume a sufficient amount vitalife hemp of carbohydrates in the morning and especially the day before a session of weights. This will make your

Glycogen reserves (the energy used by the muscles) are saturated and you can train with enough intensity.

If you have not eaten enough the day before, it is not worth to inflate yourself to hydrates that same day because these reservations take a lot of hours to fill up.

For immediately after finishing, of course, you would have your food or post-workout shake, which should have a good mix of hydrates and proteins. Try to minimize fats in this meal as several studies show that they slow down recovery slightly.

If you are going to take sweet and sugary things, this is the best time. When your muscles are exhausted and open, inject this glucose to re-energize them. For the same reason, this would be the most optimal time to take creatine (click if you do not know much about it).

None of this will be of any use if you do not get enough sleep. During the day muscle mass is not gained, it is while we sleep when the growth hormones and anabolic processes awaken.

Also try to nap if you can, it is known to be very effective to maximize results. In general, the more you sleep, the more you grow.

It is important that the dream is the most uninterrupted

possible. When you sleep, the body works in delicate cycles of about 1 hour and a half. Disrupt these harms quite the whole anabolic issue. It is not absolutely essential that it be a pull, but try it.

To finish, say that all this applies if you are natural, because with steroids you gain mass until eating bread and riding a bike. Courage, and if you have any questions leave a comment below.

This article is written by our collaborator Sergio for, you can know some of his articles on sports training from our website or from his own website Gymnasio.

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Benefits of the egg, its nutritional value and recommendations

Benefits of the egg, its nutritional value and recommendations

In recent years, nutrition experts daily choice hemp oil have faced a dilemma: limit the consumption of eggs, due to its high cholesterol content, or recommend, given that one of the benefits of egg is its high content of high quality proteins , in addition to several other vitamins and minerals.

Recent scientific evidence tends to show that the egg is a food of choice and that the consumption of one egg a day, even in people with high blood cholesterol, may be acceptable. Eggs are nutritious, versatile and offer excellent nutritional value and low cost.

Nutritional table
Benefits of the egg

Thanks to its great nutritional content, the benefits of the egg can be very broad, then you will know some of them:

Properties and active principles of the egg


The egg yolk contains two powerful antioxidants from the carotenoid family: lutein and zeaxanthin. On the other hand, the two compounds give color to the egg yolk. Carotenoids, substances that together with vitamin A, are antioxidants known to help prevent age-related diseases, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

These antioxidants neutralize or reduce free radicals in the body and therefore limit the damage to the cells. Studies indicate that the consumption of foods rich in lutein, such as eggs, can help prevent age-related macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of blindness in people over 65 and to reduce the risk of cataracts.


The possible role of carotenoids in the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) reduces the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduces the formation of plaque in the wall of the arteries. Finally, carotenoids can reduce the risk of certain cancers by protecting them against tumor development. Data from a prospective study, the Nurses’ Health, involving 83,234 nurses showed that over the intake of lutein and zeaxanthin, the greater the risk of breast cancer was lower among perimenopausal women.


The egg is composed of proteins of high biological value. Proteins are mainly used to train, repair and maintain healthy tissues, such as skin, muscles and bones. They are also used in the formation of hormones and digestive enzymes.

The egg proteins are called complete because they contain the nine essential amino acids that the body, and in optimal proportions. In fact, the quality of the egg protein is used as a reference food to evaluate the quality of the proteins of other foods. Keep in mind that amino acids are called essential because the body can not produce them. They must come from food.


Eggs are an excellent source of choline, a compound that plays an important role in the development and functioning of the brain, especially the center of memory. The need for choline are important during embryonic development, such as during pregnancy and lactation, low choline intake can affect children’s brain development in the long term.

A study in animals has shown that choline supplementation during the embryonic development of rats immediately after birth, improve cognitive function and, by extension, attention and memory.

In addition, the authors in a study in pregnant women with low folic acid intake, that mothers who had a lower intake of choline are four times more likely to give birth to a child with a neural tube defect than those with the consumption, regardless of the intake of folic acid.

Excellent source of selenium.

Eggs are an excellent source of selenium

. This mineral works with one of the main antioxidant enzymes, thus preventing the formation of free radicals in the body. It also helps convert thyroid hormone into its active form.

Good source of vitamin B2

The egg is a good source of vitamin B2. This vitamin is also known as riboflavin. Like vitamin B1, riboflavin plays a role in the energy metabolism of all cells. In addition, it contributes to the growth and repair of tissues, the production of hormones and the formation of red blood cells.

Good source of vitamin B12

The egg is a good source of vitamin B12. This vitamin works with folic acid (vitamin B9) for the manufacture of red blood cells in the blood. Maintenance of the nerve cells and the bone-producing cells is also guaranteed.

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Benefits of practicing Outdoor Mindfulness

Benefits of practicing Outdoor Mindfulness

Discover the benefits of practicing titanax mindfulness during the summer to take care of your health at this time of year.

Mindfulness is a health and wellness experience focused on the power of mindfulness

as a necessary means to live the present and enjoy the moment with health. That is, mindfulness encourages the promotion of health, helps you to be an active agent of your own wellness process because how you feel depends to a large extent on the way you take care of yourself.

Practicing mindfulness is an experience of well-being that helps you feel good inside and out, in perfect balance body and mind. However, the power of now acquires its maximum expression through this discipline that helps you, precisely, to be present in your life.

And during the summer, the temperature conditions create a very favorable frame to enjoy the contact with the pure air. What are the benefits of practicing mindfulness in direct contact with nature? Take note!

Live a conscious summer

Summer is a time of year when it breaks with the inertia of frequent habits and routines. However, this practice of mindfulness helps you to situate yourself in the new summer routine, taking stock of the achievements made so far.

Release tensions

During the year, as a result of the daily effort, you run the risk of having somatized many emotional tensions in the form of physical pain. For this reason, through mindfulness you can channel this negative energy and take care of your body.

Encourage physical activity

Frequently, summer becomes a form of sedentary lifestyle that can be exhausting. For this reason, mindfulness is a healthy discipline to train during the summer and put body and mind in shape. One of the advantages of mindfulness is that it is a recommended practice for people of different ages. Therefore, it is also the occasion to share an activity with the family. Now that summer is precisely a time to be with family.

Naturalist intelligence

Practicing outdoor mindfulness is a way to encourage naturalistic intelligence. This kind of intelligence that helps you develop

feelings of love and harmony towards the environment that surrounds you and you feel that you are part of this whole. In this way, this practice also elevates your level of optimism and well-being in relation to the environment that surrounds you.

Enjoy the holidays

Living the present is a necessary challenge at any time of the year. Also during the summer. Sometimes, people forget to live the present but with the perspective that holidays have a beginning and an end. That is, it is essential to have this fact in mind so as not to make the vacation a flight to nowhere.

Therefore, if you are looking for ideas of new challenges, then, practicing mindfulness is a practice of well-being with which to put body wellness into practice.

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10 foods to gain muscle mass

10 foods to gain muscle mass

Summer comes and with it we enter adrena thrive the sun and beach season. In this time, gyms are usually crowded, bursting. Some of these people rush the last days pre beach to show a better body. Many to burn the excesses of the year and correct their neglect and many others to perfect the last details.
For those who want to gain muscle mass, not weight, they need to feed adequately according to their needs, which will depend on a large group of factors. We can not consider that everyone should feed the same. It is not the same an office worker who drives to work and then goes to the gym than someone who moves a lot and needs to transport things. Both cases are different, some will need a higher intake of carbohydrates and others a higher protein intake.
Similarly at the time of the truth there are many foods that are valid to increase your muscle mass, without forgetting that both food and exercise go hand in hand. If we want to increase muscle mass, we must not forget them.
Here is a list of foods that will help you gain muscle:

One of the usual foods that can be found in any pantry. You can find it at a good price for a can, without addictives and you can store it in your kitchen for months or years. It is also comfortable and easy to transport. If it were not enough, this canned food contains about 25 grams of protein per gram and about 12 grams of healthy fats. These fats are very good for the heart since they contain omega 3 fatty acids.

The egg, of the most complete foods that can be found in the supermarket. Due to its high content of protein and fat it forms an excellent food to ingest in stages of muscular gain. The egg white is all protein and the yolk would contain the fat. If what we want is to gain weight and muscle mass the whole egg is your choice, if you usually want to cut calories the boats with egg whites can help you.

Chicken breast
The chicken breast is one of the few meats that are almost 100% protein. Of the cheaper and easier to prepare meats, you can not miss in your fridge. It will also provide your body with all the essential amino acids it needs.


Salmon, like tuna, is a blue fish rich in healthy fats and high in protein. Your omega 3 fatty acids will help strengthen your heart and prevent it from diseases. It is very important that the fish is wild and not breeding, this will mean a small increase in the price of the fish that is worth taking it, since the farmed salmon live very small spaces being exposed to all kinds of medicines.

In this list we can not forget a dried fruit as precious as the nut. This food offers high doses of energy, contains high levels of protein and healthy fats (including omega 3 fatty acids). It is also very good for the brain and helps prevent cancer.
Finally it is an excellent food for a preentreno / postentreno or simply for a healthy snack.

Together with the milk, it forms a complete breakfast. The properties of oats would be a high percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. It will provide an injection of energy to your body that will be distributed progressively. It also contains numerous minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Another food with a good intake of carbohydrates and a more secondary role of protein. Depending on the type of rice, we recommend brown rice or steamed rice. Both with better nutritional value than white rice, which does not contain fiber.

This fruit / vegetable with an incalculable nutritional value, should be present in our diet since the contribution of micronutrients and healthy fats is very high. If we want to increase the contribution of calories to our diet in a healthy way, the avocado will help us get it since it gives us about 160 calories per 100 grams of this food.

Spinach is rich in micronutrients and through its properties helps our muscles work better and develop faster. It also has a high number of antioxidants and anticancer agents.

The food present in every household could not be missing from this list of 10 foods to gain muscle mass. Its protein intake, carbohydrates and fats make it ideal to incorporate it into our diet. In addition, most of the protein powder you can buy comes from milk.

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Banana or banana 0.16 Recommended daily intake

Banana or banana 0.16 Recommended daily intake

If you have a varied diet with fresh foods optimal choice hemp oil and whole foods, you do not have to worry about your consumption of boron foods. The truth is that it is not known exactly what are the recommended doses of this mineral and to this we must add that the dose varies between food according to the culture method.

Due to the small amount of studies about this mineral and its benefits, the USDA and other authorities have not yet established a recommended daily amount. However, they have established the maximum that we can consume without suffering signs of deficiency or toxicity:

1-3 years: 3 milligrams / day

4-8 years: 6 milligrams / day

9-13 years: 11 milligrams / day

14-18 years: 17 milligrams / day

Adults 19-50 years: 20 mg / day

Pregnant women: 17-20 milligrams / day

Women who are breastfeeding: 20-25 milligrams / day Toxicity and adverse effects

Boron is a mineral considered very safe, it is more are many farmers who even treat the soil and animals with boron supplements to reduce the damage caused by environmental radiation.

The use of industrial boron is due to its ability to capture radioactivity in soils and the reduction of potential health risks such as cancer.


But of course, like many other nutrients, excessive consumption of this mineral can cause potential problems. Toxicity is not a latent risk when it is obtained through foods with boron, however an excessive consumption of supplements with this mineral can be very dangerous. Among the adverse reactions we can include nausea, gastric discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, skin problems, heart palpitations, anxiety and depression.

According to the National Institute of Health a consumption of boron supplements can be very harmful for people suffering from hormonal conditions such as in the case of breast or prostate cancer, endometriosis and uterine fibroids, because it increases the levels of estrogen

People suffering from kidney or liver diseases should also be very careful with the use of boron supplements. It is for this reason that they should consult with their doctor before consuming supplements since these ills alter the way in which excess boron and other minerals are removed.

It is thought that lethal doses of boron can be 15 to 20 grams a day in adults and 3 to 6 grams a day in babies, but there are many studies that find minimal or no toxicity at these levels or even more.

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