Avoid injuries during training

Avoid injuries during training
Those who practice daily physical exercise alpha trt or perform intensive training as bodybuilders should try to avoid as much as possible suffer injuries that can become serious discomfort over time.

While it is true that daily training creates micro-injuries, which are necessary for muscles to get stronger and grow, demanding too much in each day of exercises can cause injuries that have different causes, existing those that are generated inside as outside the fitness center.
Excess intensity can also cause injuries in some muscle groups and especially when performing a routine that includes weight-bearing exercises. Lifting weight should always be an exercise controlled and guided by the instructor because if you make repeated movements inconvenient not only can injure the muscles but also some internal organs.

It is always convenient to start by raising half of the body weight, in lifting exercises, and to increase progressively and to 5 kilograms at a time, this will produce that the body adapts naturally and is coupled to the weight.

If you talk about the speed of execution with which exercises are performed it is also important to know how to handle it properly, being a determining factor to help avoid injury. The adequate speed will always be the one in which the greater reflex and handling of the weight with which one is working is obtained, being fundamental when great weights are lifted or an exercise of great muscular amplitude is carried out.

In daily life it is also necessary to have certain care and prevent injuries since they are always latent, so taking care of the spine is important especially in athletes and people who usually perform physical activity, being essential to take the habit of keeping it straight avoiding the appearance of lumbago.

Heating and stretching are essential to avoid injury. In the case of warming it produces both muscular and joint activation so that the body is prepared to meet the daily session, while in the case of stretching they tend to avoid stiffness.

Finally, always remember that good nutrition based on a balanced diet, adequate rest are also part of a healthy workout that will help not only to avoid injuries but to have a progress in training that extends over time.