discover emotional intelligence

discover emotional intelligence

People who have sensitive invigorate rx intelligence are not governed by their thoughts

they are their teachers. Discover your sensitive force today with these 15 signs that you have sensitive intelligence.

I. You marvel at what moves others.

People who enjoy sensitive intelligence marvel at human behavior. They get to notice things like anatomical language, dialect, and personal tics. Observing people helps to discover clues about what makes each individual unique.

II. You are an enthusiastic leader who practices what he preaches.

People who have sensitive intelligence know that it is absurd to dialogue and dialogue so as not to put their words into practice. Instead of leading by means of orders, they lead by setting the example.

III. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

People who have sensitive intelligence know that you are not as weak as your weakest part; but rather you are as strong as your strongest part. They use their great strengths as much as possible, to make their weaknesses a debatable point.

IV. You are at peace with your past.

People with sensitive intelligence do not have time to grieve. They leave their luggage and move forward in the present, since that is where progress occurs.

sensitive intelligence

V. The future does not scare you.

People with sensitive intelligence do not become obsessed with the events of the future that are beyond their control. They feel comfortable living on a planet where there is no crystal ball, due to the fact that life is supposed to be an exciting adventure (not a routine written in stone.)

SAW. You are in tune with the present.

People who have sensitive intelligence do not just pass their anarchic days. Instead, they actively experience the nuances of each moment in each day of their lives.

VII. You are a skilled and active listener.

People who have sensitive intelligence know that “hearing” and “listening” are two very, very, very different things. They are used to paraphrasing a person’s sayings in question form to make sure that nothing was lost in the communication.

VIII. You are able to realize what bothers you.

People with sensitive intelligence do not let anything add negativity and control their brain. They are very observant and explore their environment, looking for clues that reveal why they feel the way they do and, more essential, what they can do to improve.

IX. You feel comfortable talking with friends and strangers.

People who have sensitive intelligence never know a stranger who does not please them. They do not care about age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation; they love everyone equally, since we are all human here.

sensitive intelligence

X. You are ethical in business and in relationships.

People who have sensitive intelligence follow their moral compass in business and in life. Your values ​​and opinions may differ from person to person, higher standards govern your behavior.

XI. You feel like going to the rest.

People with sensitive intelligence do not need a reason to go to others. They assist older women with their grocery bags; They offer to wash the dishes if a friend or partner has prepared the food; They keep the doors, not only for the ladies, but rather for the gentlemen as well.

XII. You are able to read people like a book.

People with sensitive intelligence can interpret the meaning of gestures, expressions and anatomical language. They know that they can not depend only on language, since the physical presence of a person with a certain frequency does not coincide with the words they assert.

XIII. You are firm in your desire to realize yourself.

People who have sensitive intelligence point to success, no matter how much it takes them. They are ready to deal with delays and solve deficiencies, due to the fact that it is not lost until the moment when it is waived.

XIV. You are motivated by reasons in you.

People who have sensitive intelligence build a motivation that lasts. They disconnect from the final result and focus on enjoying the process. Personal development does not happen at the moment of success, but rather throughout the development process that leads to that success.

XV You are quick to say “no” when you should do it.

They present them that they have sensitive intelligence they know there can be a lot of something good. They know that they can not do everything, which sets specific priorities with what is most essential for them.

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