Drinks Allowed During Thonon Diet

Before starting a diet, whatever it is, it is still essential to learn properly to develop adapted menus but if the question of dishes usually resolves quickly enough, there is one that remains well often suspended: drinks.

And yet, seeming to be only accessory, they also have their role to play. It is obvious that a sweet milk chocolate does not have the same impact as a natural green tea . So what can you drink during the Thonon diet?

Coffee and tea, the real good idea!
Thonon or other, here are two drinks that are unanimous in the world of thinning ! And for good reason, it’s effective! Drinking tea (preferably green) or coffee, provided you do not add sugar obviously, bio x keto induces an effective weight loss. One to two cups a day is enough . Admit it’s easy to get there, between breakfast and afternoon snack …

On the other hand, it is better to avoid consuming them after 5 pm for an obvious reason: caffeine and theine do not mix well with your sleep. An unsweetened flavored herbal tea can then replace them at the end of the day .

Water, to consume without moderation
Flat water is not a problem of course. Often, people tend not to drink enough so do not restrict yourself to water. As a beacon, plan between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day. In addition, by drinking a large glass before each meal, you benefit from a significant appetite suppressant action that will help you to reduce your portions without difficulty ! Attention by contrast with flavored and sparkling, the latter are not devoid of calories …

Do I have other options?
No. Whether you are thinking about your favorite aperitif, “light” drinks or a good fruit juice, you will have to give up the time of your diet. Indeed, these last ones are all caloric, even if one tends to think the opposite. They can also play tricks and increase your appetite instead of tempering it.

More importantly, they will arouse cravings for sugar and high-fat foods. Their effects are therefore devastating in your slimming process. Ban them the time it will take. Then think about their specific properties and do not overdo it.

In terms of food, drinks are very important . In a plan, they are even more so. If you follow the Thonon program, focus on plain unflavoured water, green tea and sugar-free coffee.

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