How to eat well and control your weight during the holidays

Stop counting calories: how to eat well and control your weight during the holidays
The holiday season is about connecting slim foria with your loved ones, sharing hearty meals and being grateful for all the blessings you have given us. But often, vacations, especially Thanksgiving, meant eating more than usual. After all, who is going to eat the vacation that you have carefully prepared with your whole family?

The good news is that it is possible to enjoy a vacation without worrying about gaining weight. The key is to stay within 5,000 calories, and every meal you put on your horse counts. But do not spend the Thanksgiving day counting calories, practice self-control considering our weight loss tips below:

Avoid extra snacks throughout the day
One of the hardest things to control when you watch what you eat is to chew incessantly. It’s hard enough to sneak up on holidays to limit yourself, and what’s more, once the holidays arrive. Sometimes we do it unconsciously. Even more so if there is a fabulous spread waiting to be savored.

To control your snack, be sure to limit the amount of snacks you eat during the day. For example, instead of taking a handful after a handful of treats, limit it to a few handfuls and extend it so that it lasts all day. If you can not limit your snack, turn to healthier foods like carrots or celery. You can also prepare kale chips and nibble them when your cravings for salty goodies begin.

Control of portions of real food
If you have good eating habits, know how important it is to never skip meals, especially breakfast, so as not to overeat. You can increase the feeling of fullness and avoid overeating by drinking a couple of glasses of water before a meal.

You should also control your portions every time you eat. Get a little of everything without being too generous with portions. Then eat your food slowly. It is tempting to swallow all the delicious dishes you have prepared, but if the goal is to limit your calorie intake to 5,000, have a little self control. Chew slowly; enjoy the food Take part in a conversation, take your time and enjoy the food, do not miss it!

Choose desserts and sweets smartly
Without a doubt, the best part of Thanksgiving is the treat. Traditionally, pumpkin pies, cakes and pies are a staple on Thanksgiving holidays. And if sweets weaken your knees, how can you stop eating more?

We recommend drinking more water to have the sensation of fullness. Make smart decisions too. Do not add anything to the dessert or treats that would make it even more caloric. For example, if you decide to reward yourself with a scoop of vanilla ice cream after dinner, do not sprinkle it with chocolate syrup, crushed cookies, marshmallows or candle nuggets. Instead, add fresh fruits or nuts. If you crave cookies with chocolate chips, give yourself one or two cookies. If you fancy the icy cuts, we recommend you opt for natural yogurt without flavor with fresh fruit. It’s equally tasty Finally, you can share your dessert with another member of the family to control your portions as well.

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