How to help his man lose weight?

You have been in a relationship for months or even years, but because of your good meals, your man has gained weight (in the chest, stomach, face)?

Do you want to help him lose weight? Here are some ideas to put in place in two, to quickly achieve a satisfactory weight loss without diet.

Learn how to cook differently at home and choose two food

Your man prefers meat and sulks fruits and vegetables? Teach him to appreciate these foods, rich in fiber and therefore favorable for intestinal transit. Innovate at the level of recipes at home and cook them in all their forms: propose him to taste them in crudités, gratins or mousses. Perhaps he will be reconciled with them.

In the supermarket, also prefer light products. He likes fresh cream ? Do not deprive him of his pleasure but opt ​​for the lightest cream. This also applies to butter.

Learn to eat and present foods differently

Men have a higher caloric need than women. So they tend to eat a lot and fill their plates, more than reason. But small techniques exist to avoid this bad habit . Indeed, just … change his plates. Indeed, with smaller models, it will feel like having a full plate and eat less.

Finally, the faster you eat, the more you eat right … Invite him to chew: it will be less likely to serve again.

Do sports together

It’s always more motivating to go to the gym when you’re with someone. To help him in his diet, you can quite follow him in his exercises. Swimming , running, cycling, bodybuilding : whatever the chosen sport, the important thing is to go at your own pace and, over the weeks, increase the difficulty of physical exercises to lose more weight.

What to achieve its goal and be proud of its evolution.

The morphology of men allows them to lose more easily

Men are lucky enough to lose weight faster and easier than women (especially after age 40 or after age 50). So if your spouse has taken too many pounds, invite him to start a diet: the effects will be visible in 1 month, without depriving himself to excess.

The morphology of men makes them store less fat in the buttocks or thighs . However, the fat is easier to eliminate when it is located on the stomach or on the face, ie on the upper body.

To effectively and sustainably help his man in his weight loss, nothing better than to accompany him step by step by adopting his diet and sports habits.

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