How to lose 60 kg in 6 months?

Man or woman, you are overweight for a few months or a few years. You have accumulated pounds and you want to get rid of that weight. Also, the combination balanced diet and proper sports activities is your solution.


How to lose 60 kg in 6 months

An adapted diet

Some diets will help you with this 60 kilogram weight loss over the long term, such as the Dukan diet or the weight Keto Genesys watchers tips. So, these diets offer to aim at the accumulated fat and to control the number of calories you absorb. daily.

Remember that proteins should not be removed completely from your diet, you will find them in eggs, white meat … So count each protein absorbed and you will have an exact account each day.

The diet is simple, it will ban pasta, fries, breads and sweets . Avoid compulsive nibbling between meals.

For your dishes, cook for yourself. Fast, simple dishes cooked with unprocessed and healthy foods. You can also use cooking modes, to better preserve minerals and vitamins such as oven, foil, steam, … You must also like what you eat even as part of a diet, it is important for your success and morale!

This advice is about a golden rule, have fun! You have to be positive, and that mindset will help you reach your goal . You can go through more difficult steps, so move away from negative ideas like guilt and fear of failure. It is true that changing some of your habits can be difficult and can also destabilize. But this is learned and everyone finds in himself the courage to change!

Sport and exercises, your slimming allies

Physical activities should be emphasized and practiced during this diet and then as sports emphasizing cardio (skipping rope), and endurance. Indeed, opt for brisk walking for example over a long time, short at the start and more and more along as you practice

A sports coach will help you to achieve your goal and will also bring you an important motivation, every day, or every week. Sports such as interval training (very trendy), jogging or swimming are recommended for this type of loss. weight over the long term.

Keep your fitness weight

To maintain your ideal weight gained after 6 months, you must continue to eat balanced . It will also increase one table spoon or two whole grains per day. You can then add a knob of vegetable butter from time to time.

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