Losing weight with dumbbells?

The flat stomach complex is very present in a large number of people, including men and women.

But whether you admit it or not, it is much more present in the female sex. But there is no shame in this because who would not want a slim and elegant silhouette but especially well balanced without slimquick keto this little can of the middle?

To answer these desires, today we will see how to lose weight of the belly using mainly dumbbells.

Weight loss or bodybuilding: make the difference to lose weight belly!
Contrary to what many people seem to think, doing monstrous abs exercises is not going to make you lose belly fat. It is necessary to differentiate between bodybuilding exercise and calorie burning exercise.

Thus, exercises such as lateral flexions will rather develop the muscles that burn fat and this, whether with dumbbells or not.

The best solution to lose fat in general is to perform fat burning exercise that will be accompanied by additional loads to help accentuate the effort provided by the body.

It is also necessary to specify that burn fat locally is not very realistic. Indeed, the human body will lose fat from head to toe, regardless of exercise.

To counteract this, it is possible to exercise to tone particular muscles (here, those of the stomach) to accelerate metabolism and caloric expenditure.

The body training circuit allied to dumbbells for a flat stomach
This is an intense cardio workout program designed to work all the muscles of the body. To this we will add dumbbells at low load to intensify the exercise. It should be noted that the loads must not be too heavy to avoid the loss of mobility because the basis of this training lies in the shape and intensity of the movements.

From its nature of cardio exercise, this circuit, due to its intensity will force the body to burn faster through its reserves of fat and because of this, the person will melt visibly if the latter respects the consistency the effort to provide and the food that will accompany it.

Training program to lose belly with dumbbells
A Circuit body training session is between 30 and 45 minutes and with loads of 10 Kilos and exercises to a single series. These charges may vary depending on the person but as a rule, they should not be too heavy to avoid hindering the user’s movements.

In addition, the exercise is not fixed but we will strive to give a representative program: – Squat dumbbell: 15 repetitions – Lateral elevation: 12 repetitions – Developed dumbbells: 15 repetitions – Rowing dumbbells: 15 repetitions – Lateral bending of the trunk : 15 repetitions

Do not forget to take 1 minute of rest slimquick keto and no more at the end of the session and only at the end before starting again for a total of 3 to 4 sessions. The goal is not to allow the body time to recover 100% to encourage it to tap into its energy reserves.

To conclude, dumbbells are a very versatile way to lose weight. However, it is necessary to specify that their use must be accompanied by precise and controlled movements to maximize the potential.

In addition, to lose belly one should not be afraid to build muscle passage because for women, this can be a mental barrier.

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