How many calories are burned for 8 km of walking?

Necessary for exercise and physical conversation, walking also helps you lose weight and lose weight . Walking for at least 20 minutes a day is recommended by specialists to stay in shape.

How many calories burned for 8 km of walking
Physical activity needed

Less physically demanding than running and running, walking allows everyone to maintain, lose weight and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Walking for 8km at a normal pace, burns more than 500 calories at an average speed of 6 km / h . If 1h of walking equals about 400 Kcal, walking for several kilometers increases heart rate and stamina .

In order to refine and lose some extra pounds, everyone can walk at their own pace and enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Man or woman and depending on your weight, age and size, you can calculate your basal metabolism to find out how many calories burn daily . If a slow walk at 3 km / h burns about 200 Kcal an hour, simply doubling this speed increases energy expenditure with more than 300 Kcal burned.

This is the opportunity to don his sneakers and support his slimming diet with excellent activity for the cardiovascular system and metabolism.

Increase intensity to optimize weight loss

With 100 Kcal burned for 1.5 km of walking, this equates to about 2,000 steps. It may be interesting to increase your speed to ideally benefit from greater energy expenditure. A simple calculation of the heart rate makes it possible to evaluate its endurance zone, ie a minimum heart rate to maintain.

Estimated between 60 and 70% of your maximum heart rate, this endurance zone remains essential to increase energy expenditure and lose more weight.

Between 5 and 8 km / h, your speed must be maintained for the duration of your physical activity. Walking fast, hiking or running at moderate speed, all these sports are excellent for increasing the pace of your metabolism and getting thinner. In addition to a balanced diet and low calorie diet , you enjoy all the benefits of brisk walking to lose even more pounds.

Higher intensity to lose weight

Once you are able to walk severalĀ Slimlook Forskolin kilometers at least 3 or 4 times a week, you can practice running at a higher speed. By increasing your heart rate and keeping it at a regular pace, you optimize your slimming diet by speeding up the melting of fat.

Running for 1h at 8 km / h allows a woman of 60kg to burn 480 Kcal . A man with an average weight of 70 kg burns him, 560 Kcal. At an average speed of 15 km / h, this energy expenditure is respectively 912 and 1,064 Kcal

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