Menu to lose 30 kg

Setting a goal of weight loss of 3 times 10 kg is fully accessible, provided that you return to a balanced diet with a healthy lifestyle , ie the regular practice of a sports activity.

In parallel, it will be necessary to be vigilant according to its kind, on the contents of your food menus , because the feminine diet must be even more hypocaloric than that followed by a gentleman.

Menu to lose 30 kg

Balanced diet program to lose 30 kg

By respecting the masculine / feminine differences mentioned in the food choices (more meat for one and more vegetables for the other), here is a typical menu to be followed precisely each week to succeed in losing weight. importantly.

  • Day 1 :

breakfast : 1 kiwi, 1 lukewarm lemon juice, 1 slice of whole bread without any sugar or fat. lunch : 75 to 100 g of beef or lean veal, green vegetables at will. dinner : 1 chicken broth, 1 green salad.

  • Day 2:

breakfast : 1 portion of mango , 1 lukewarm lemon juice, 1 slice of whole bread without any sugar or fat, unlimited coffee Keto Slim Rx and tea. lunch : 100 g of lean fish cooked in the steam or the microwave, green vegetables in abundance. dinner : 1 egg cooked hard or half calf , 1 plate of spinach steamed.


  • Day 3:

breakfast : 1 portion of papaya, 1 lemon juice warm , coffee and tea at will, 1 boiled egg. lunch : 75 to 100 g lean meat , green vegetables at will. dinner : 1 organic tomato preferably, green salad, 1 apple .

  • Day 4:

breakfast : 1 unsweetened raspberry juice, unlimited coffee and tea, 1 small slice of wholemeal bread. lunch : 100 g of fish without sauce, 1 tablespoon of rice , green salad at will. dinner : 1 bowl of green leaf soup ( spinach , artichokes, celery leaves …).

  • Day 5:

breakfast : 1 cherry juice without added sugar , coffee and tea at will, 1 egg cooked hard or mid calf. lunch : 75 g to 100 g of poultry, 1 bowl of vegetable broth . dinner : green salad, 1 tomato, 1 kiwi.

Not the same menu type man and woman when you want to lose 30 kg

Unfortunately for the female, it is more difficult to melt fat, because the fat areas are housed in many places (because of a metabolism designed to store reserves for the purpose of raising children).

The abdominal belt, but also the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs , as well as the arms are real reserves of fats. Conversely, in men, the muscle mass is naturally more important and the fat will lodge almost exclusively in the belly, especially from 40 years. This mathematically means that the ladies will have to set a goal of a daily ration of 1200 calories , while gentlemen can stay in the range of 1600 to 1800 calories per day.

The feminine menu will be more drastic to be completely low calorie and draw on the fat reserves , with plenty of vegetables for lunch, as well as dinner and various fruits for breakfast. On the other hand, the men’s menu will be able to incorporate more protein with a meat intake higher than the meals for its sister in weight loss.

In the same way, if the sport is essential to all to lose weight effectively , the practice will have to be more regular at the woman, whereas the man will be able to be content to put his body in intensive exercise the weekend.

The menu to focus on the masculine will be a protein-based diet made of lean meat , with mostly zero alcohol. In the feminine, we will have to focus on a more global and really low calorie diet with lots of vegetables, salad, a lower intake of meat and a few fruits with a high index of vitamins , such as kiwi fruit .

And of course, sport is essential for all!

A goal of significant and lasting Keto Slim Rx weight loss will be possible with a dose of unshakeable motivation , the support of your loved ones and the advice of a nutritionist or dietician, coupled with those of a sports coach . Thus, you will be armed to wage war on your many extra pounds.

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