Objective: to lose 16 kg in 1 year, which food?

If you say, “I give myself a year to get there” it’s won with a progressive diet. Even better do the two-couple or group diet. Now that you’re motivated, you’ll need a plan to understand what’s wrong with your meals.

Changing one’s habits is difficult, but eating a healthy diet can be delicious and how satisfying it is to melt kilograms . What are the steps to follow ?

Objective: to lose 16 kg in 1 year, what diet

No ideal diet but some rules to follow

Over the years the pounds have accumulated: industrial meals taken too quickly, daily stress compensated by nibbling have ended up being stored. These excesses are preventable, note your habits. But if losing weight requires reducing calories and removing refined sugars and fries, dieting should not be accompanied by deprivation and apothecary calculations.

Changing the diet gradually will change your gut microbiota and allow you to enjoy new flavors. Organize yourself to find the time to do friendly and fulfilling fitness activities. Choose a sport that motivates you. You can start with sports walking at the reach of all but you can also try piloxing a cardio tonic sport combining pilates , boxing and dance to lose weight in strategic places: belly and thighs.

Guidelines and tips for reducing weight and calories

It’s proven, physical exercises and gentle bodybuilding are effective. But the base of your slimming project is your diet. Ez3 Keto Give yourself some fruit if you love it but prefer vegetables that can be eaten without restriction.

Cook white meat or fish marinated in foil is delicious. By accompanying your diet with a detox cure twice a year, you will gain in dynamism. Start the day with a lemon juice or a glass of aloe vera.

Time is your ally, do not panic in case of discrepancy. Anchoring these new habits in your daily life requires being caring with yourself.

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet

The kitchens of the world are an inexhaustible source of delicious slimming recipes. Choose virgin oils and eat fermented, your body will recognize the virtues of these foods and ask for more. The country buffet is allowed occasionally but the portion of salads and vegetables should exceed that of pâtés and cheeses.

If your new routine appeals to you more because it is user-friendly and you feel good about yourself, you will not have a hard time losing 16 kg.

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