How to firm the upper body?

For some time you have noticed that the upper part of your body loses tone. In addition, cellulite in this part does not make things easier. Do not worry, with a skin care from the top of your body , massages and good physical activity you can firm your shoulders, your chest, your forearms, your arms and much more.

Let’s see how to eliminate these defects and have the upper body firm in a short time.

Take care of your skin to firm up your upper body
To have your upper body firmer, you first need to go through the skin care of this part of the body . By ensuring the elasticity of your skin, you feel more toned. It is essential to moisturize your body every day to take care of your skin.

Do not forget your arms or neck. In addition, by performing at least one scrub at home every week , you will clean the skin thoroughly and give it more vitality.

Massaging for a firmer upper body
The massage restores firmness super s keto and suppleness to the skin of this part of your body . Kneading, smoothing, palpating-rolling … are all effective techniques to achieve your goal. So you’re spoiled for choice in massage techniques and you do not have to spend a dime.

So that your massage is more effective, it is better to combine your massage with a suitable essential oil, a slimming cream or a firming firm cream that will optimize all its benefits and will quickly achieve results.

Use fitness accessories to reach your goal quickly
If you have a silhouette that is lacking in tone and you are looking to make your shoulders, arms or chest firmer, know that there are practical fitness accessories (gym weight, dumbbells, etc.).

Designed for rehabilitation or muscle building , these accessories can be used at any age and by anyone. They make it possible to work the whole of the upper part of your body: pectoral, trapezius, back, shoulders, forearm, arms, as well as all the upper part of your back.

These accessories are practical for anyone who wants to maintain their silhouette at home . To begin, you have to choose light dumbbells and progress little by little. It’s up to you to make your upper body firmer.

Do sports to have your upper body firmed
For a beautiful upper body, flexions and extensions with biceps can help you. The work of the upper part of your arm (biceps), is one of the most accessible and easy exercises of your upper body. Take a dumbbell of equal weight in each hand , a bar to grip firmly with your hands or an equivalent accessory (a well filled bag) to do your flexions and extensions with the biceps.

Also try bench presses to get a firm breast . Whether you use a weight system or weights, you need to lie down with a lot of weight to lift in front of you to do your bench presses.

If you are used to working with dumbbells, consider doing your bench presses with a partner who will help you in case you can not lift your dumbbells anymore.

Also consider the developed lying apart to reduce the risks that are related to classic coated development. You must try this physical activity in opening to tone your chest and make it firm. The movement resembles the fluttering of the birds, taking an initial position in a semi-circular arc, the weights facing the chest, to solicit the muscles that are around your armpits.

This is a movement that you can perform as well lying on your back with your dumbbells, with your weight machine while sitting or with tensioners.

So with motivation and regular physical activity , your goal can be achieved quickly. So play sports to have a beautiful body!

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Belly slimming: what diet for a man?

Fats tend to accumulate in the abdominal area when one is a man because of an unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle and alcoholic beverages. This leads to risks of cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

But then, how to lose weight? Find out here some effective tips for burning your abdominal fat and getting belly fat through good nutrition.

Losing your man’s belly by eating better
To lose your belly, it is essential to consider the amount of food you eat and the calories it contains. Nutritionists or dieticians recommend taking natural foods such as whole grains , fruits and vegetables, as well as virgin olive oil.

Fish and lean meats (turkey, chicken, etc.) are also good slim allies. You must ban all soft drinks, white bread, sweets, saturated fats and prepared foods from your diet .

You should prefer an asparagus, which fights water retention and acts like a real diuretic, a cucumber, which lowers fluid retention and increases your feeling of fullness and a kale, which keeps the same level of sugar in your body, avoiding cravings that bring a caloric excess to the body .

Consume food cooked in the oven or steamed. Grill or boil your food, but avoid fried foods and dishes in sauce. Drink enough water to hydrate your skin , rid your body of waste, have an ideal weight and ensure the proper functioning of your intestinal transit.

Reduce your portions and eat slowly to lose your belly
Male gentees tend to eat more and pure bhb keto faster than females. But you must eat small amounts and better to have a flat stomach . A calorie intake higher than your calorie expenditure will be stored in the form of fat on your belly in particular. In addition, you must take all your time when you eat .

Indeed, well chew your food allows your body to prepare a proper digestion and avoid bloating. In addition, your brain needs about 20 minutes between the beginning of your chewing and the perceived satiety signal . It is therefore necessary to slow down at the risk of consuming more in this period of time.

Also consider slimming meals suitable for burning fat . You need a balanced and healthy diet, ban saturated fats as well as added sugars. A slimming meal appropriate to your belly loss should focus on fish, whole grains, white meats, green vegetables and fruits. And you have to accompany your meals with still water .

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5 exercises to practice in front of the TV to lose weight

It is possible to do physical exercises in front of the television! With a good workout following your favorite series, you can refine your figure , get a flat stomach, tapered legs, curved thighs and firm arms. To help you reach your goal quickly, here are 5 exercises to practice in front of your TV screen .

1. Make the dog in front of the TV to lose a few pounds
Lie down on the carpet face down, your palms on your sides and your elbows bent. Push on your hands and stand up. Do this until your arms are stretched. Then push on the back of each foot to lift your thighs . Do this exercise regularly to help you reduce your weight quickly.

2. Strengthen your adductors to refine your silhouette
Sit on the edge of your sofa, your back straight and your feet anchored to the floor. Take your cushion and wedge this cousin between the thighs. For half an hour , squeeze hard enough then release for 10 seconds. Repeat three times then you have to squeeze hard enough again, this time jerky, for 3 minutes.

3. Cycling in front of the television to lose weight
It’s a great exercise to help you sweat and burn calories .

How to ride a bike? Well, you just have to lie down with your head up. Bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the bodyfit keto ground and put your hands behind your head.

Contract your abdominals so that you can lift your head, shoulders and upper back from the ground, rotate your torso and bring your right elbow and left knee towards each other. The same movement is to be redone with the opposite side. Then continue by alternating both sides .

4. Move every part of the body to speed up your weight loss
In a sitting position, your hands on your hips, your back straight, stretch your legs in front of you. Then, have your abdominals and your glutes contract well and make a few small beats. For an effective effect on your weight, do 4 times 18 beats.

Still in this position, your feet extended, now make light rotations of each leg, at the same time. Relax your legs then sit back. Do 4 times 12 rotations .

5. Make the crack by following your favorite series
Place yourself by spreading your feet to the width of your hips . Then you have to move your right foot about sixty centimeters or so. Go down in slit, making sure that your knee can not exceed your ankle. Take a leap and change your leg when you are in the air, in order to land in slot with your opposite foot. Repeat alternating your legs .

Some tips
For every physical activity to be effective, you have to practice it regularly: at least three times a week ! You must also respect certain basic rules: do not forget to breathe , realize your movements in a controlled and slow manner.

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Tips for a pectoral routine

The pectoral , every man who boasts and goes to the gym looks for the same, advice for a pectoral routine and thus get to develop everything possible in the minimum time this body part so aesthetic and that both people like.

Pectoral training routine

Tips for a pectoral routine
Vary the angles, but do not abuse them

The pectoral is a triangular muscle, that is to say that the parts that form it are born from a point, A, and they are opened until covering an area, B.

These muscles are the upper, middle and lower pectoral, so as you can see, we only need 3 angles. Choose several exercises, one pair per angle, and try to improve them as much as you can, for example:

Upper chest : Inclined press and supinated frontal elevations with bar
Pectoral medio : Press bench and contractor machine
Lower pectoral : Bottoms and openings declined
Train with a high load intensity

The breastplate to have a large number of fibers of fast contraction or white, responds very well to high loads and low testex 100 repetitions , so focus on weight and improve them with a good progression of load is a strategy that will help to gain a lot of muscle mass in the pectoral quickly.

Keep a high frequency

Due to the 3 angles of work that it offers us, together with the fibers of fast contraction, it is a muscle that although it does not respond to a very high total volume of work, it does it with frequency in this way. This is to train it several times a week, to be able to reach a greater potential of growth , we will train it 3 times a week, all the heads but adding greater intensity and emphasis on one, while we train the other two more smoothly.

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Exercise routine for the chest

Once you have learned and assimilated the theoretical part of exercise routine for the breastplate , you have to put it into practice, but before you can build a breast that has three dimensions, you should know what type of breastplate you have, basically, there are four variations:

Uniform development of the pectoral.
Little upper and lower pectoral, good middle pectoral.
Little pectoral superior and medium, good inferior pectoral.
Little pectoral superior and good middle and lower pectoral.
As noted, the variation number 4 is the most common, however, many people confuse the fat in the lower region of the chest with the muscle, therefore, if you really want to evaluate your development you must define until you can see the striations of the pectoral and then you can decide.

pectoral exercise routine
Once you know what type of pectoral development you have, choose a type of exercise routine for the chest.
Exercise routine for a full pectoral
I would like to recommend performing three chest exercises as part of a division in which the chest is trained between every five to seven days. By training more frequently and / or by using high-intensity techniques you can do less exercises, in the same way, in certain cases doing four chest exercises is a good idea.

When selecting your exercises, be sure to take into account the desired result of your training, in other words, if your proflex muscle upper chest is your weak point (and I am sure it is), then why do you do two exercises that do emphasis on the middle pectoral and two exercises that focus the lower pectoral? So the only thing you do is increase the muscle imbalance even more.

Instead, consider doing two exercises that emphasize the upper chest and one or two that emphasize the middle and lower pectoral, this will help balance your chest development. Another good rule is to first do the exercise that focuses on the weakest part of your chest, which is when you are cooler.

Exercise routine for people with a balanced pectoral
A) Press declined with dumbbells
B) Press with inclined dumbbells
C) Dumbbell openings on a flat bench

Exercise routine for people with little upper and lower pectorals
A) Press declined with dumbbells
B) Press inclined with bar
C) Wallpapers

Exercise routine for people with little upper and middle pectorals
A) Press on the ground
B) Press flat with dumbbells
C) Slanted openings with dumbbells

Exercise routine for people with little upper pectorals
A) Press inclined with bar
B) Press inclined with dumbbells
C) Crossing of high pulleys

Train smartly
When it comes to training (and in life in general), many people mistakenly think that all you have to do to succeed is to work hard. Unfortunately, this is not true, you have to work smartly.

Your body is very dynamic, it is an organism that changes constantly and adapts to the stimulation and stress that is caused, that is why it is important to deliberately select the appropriate exercises that stimulate your body in such a way that the appearance is enhanced visual of your body.

You will no longer think of chest training as a messy collection of press moves and openings, instead, each chest workout is an opportunity to build large, more balanced pectorals that are full and round, from above. down.

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5 effective exercises to increase buttocks at home

In men and women, especially in women, I do not know what women think, buttocks look very good, but they have to have a firm, proportionate, strong and agile appearance. I want to tell you that you can also do effective exercises to increase buttocks at home , yes, without having to go to the gym.

We all wonder what will be the secret to have a nice buttocks, large and formed, since it is the desire of many men and women today, you can get a spectacular buttocks if you train them properly, do not waste time and get to train now.

In case you do not know the buttocks are formed by three independent muscles that are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is above the gluteus medius and is the largest of the three muscles this is the muscle in which you have to focus more to get some beautiful buttocks, the best exercises you can do to achieve your goal are:

Exercises to increase buttocks at home
Many women do not have time for special exercise sessions, others have the budget occupied in more essential things, but they can also learn how to lift their buttocks without going to the gym, we’ll show you right away.

1.- Do squats for buttocks
This exercise is one of the most powerful to get good glutes and quadriceps , there are several ways to do it but the best known and effective is that made with a barbell. Those who just start should not use the bar or use it with very little weight.

To do squats with bars you have to put the bar behind the nape of your neck and lower slowly opening the legs so that the knees are in the line of the shoulders. In the next video you can see how to do squats for gluteos with bar.

Squats is one of the best known, shared and shared exercises when it comes to buttock augmentation, but do you know how to do it correctly? Do you know if you’re really working the glutes? Do you know what else you need?

Do squats should be a daily routine , not only for the glutes, but for your health. It can be done in many ways, but you have to take into account the common techniques:

A mirror is a great tool, also make video to see if you do it right, with a straight back
Absorbs air breathing when descending keeping the back straight, straight
You should not lean too far forward
The feet one step ahead of the body
The legs should be separated at shoulder height
When doing squats the muscles of the gluteus and the quadriceps are activated, but we will feel that the quadriceps fatigue more because the buttocks are muscles of more frequent use and have become very resistant to fatigue.

In the next video you have variations of the squats with bar routine. Remember that you need to bring a bar to your house.

A variation of squats with bars that can also be used to harden the muscles of the brush is the following exercise presented by Body Secrets .

2.- Stride for buttocks
Strides are other good exercises to increase buttocks at home. The way to do it is standing, with the back completely snap hero testo rigid, stride forward until rubbing with the knee of the back leg with the floor, being careful to keep the back straight and not to exceed with the knees the height of the ankles. You get up with strength with the front leg and if you want you can add some weight by holding in both hands a dumbbell or anything that weighs.

The strides also have many variations:

Basic stride
Raising the leg after each stride
Rotating the trunk in the descending part of the stride
With one leg on a bench
Jumping when getting up in a stride
Extending the leg in the lower part of the stride
Making small pulses in the lower part of the stride
In the following video of Patry Jordan you have more examples to make strides for strong, toned and very nice buttocks, all at home.

In the next video you have tips on how to make strides correctly. The objective is that you do not injure yourself and achieve better results.

3.- Hip lifts for buttocks
This is undoubtedly one of the best exercises to increase buttocks at home, since it works directly on them and molds them, and the best thing is that you can do it at home. The advanced ones can do it with weights. On the floor or on an exercise mat, lie facing up with the soles of your feet resting on the floor and arms extended to the side of your body. Contract the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, and then, separate your body from the floor leaving the knees and shoulders form a straight line. The initial position is returned and 3 sets of 15 repetitions are made.

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Burpees: How to execute them correctly

Many exercises are famous for losing weight, among them is the burpees , but many have no idea what it is, when most have done it in the physical education class of the school. Therefore, in the following article of LocuraFitness you will learn everything you need to know about this magnificent exercise.

What is Burpees?
Have you heard about compound exercises ? The burpees are part of them, this magnificent exercise involves the whole body, since it is a combination of squats, chest flexes and parachute jump. Thanks to this magnificent combination, this exercise offers multiple benefits for our body.

Burpees: Advantages and disadvantages

Burns fat
Improves lung resistance
Improves body resistance
Exercise all muscles and hypertrophy
Complementary exercise for definition routine
burpees 4

Rapid physical exhaustion
The only disadvantage that the Burpee has when executing it , is that you will notice a great expenditure of energy, however, the Burpees is adaptable to any human being. Like any other exercise, this gets used to our physical conditioning, so every time we do it again, we will notice a considerable improvement in our resistance to do it, therefore, increase the speed and the execution time is elementary to obtain the maximum advantage.

Burpees When to do it?
Burpees training is a complementary compound exercise, however, many people get used to doing it as cardio for about 10 minutes, it is not a bad idea, but it is an incorrect way to take advantage of all its advantages, since as we have said before, the Exercise adapts quickly to our body, but if we combine it with any other, it will hardly do it, and the less it adapts to our body, the longer we will have the opportunity to enjoy its advantages.

To perform the Burpees correctly, it is important to combine it with some exercise, depending on what our objective is. If we are in the definition stage during a physical training in the gym , the Burpees will help a lot after the sessions of weights, although this should not be practiced for a time longer than 15 minutes, also, it is better to divide it between sets.

Now, if we only want to practice the Burpees to lose a few kilos, we can combine it in a structured cardio routine, if we run in the morning for 30 minutes or 1 hour, this exercise will help us a lot to complete this routine intensively and so burn more fat.

As you may have noticed, the best time to practice the Burpees is after any weight or cardio exercise routine , not before, since this compound exercise requires a lot of energy, and if we do it at the beginning, it is very likely that our performance is not the same in the physical activity that we are going to perform.

Burpees: Routine to burn fat
If you are looking for a good Routine with Burpees , this is the best!


Dominated 3 sets of repeats that can be
Flexions 3 series of repetitions that can be
Squats 3 sets of repeats that can be
Burpees 3 series, each one until the physical exhaustion, as long as it does not review a time of 3 minutes, try that the execution time in each series does not pass the 2 minutes.

Parallel backgrounds 3 sets of 8 reps
Dominated 3 sets of 8 reps (increase if it becomes easy 2 in 2 between sets)
Squats 3 series of 20 repetitions z vital male enhancement (increase if necessary 5 in 5 between series)
Burpees 3 series, try to be more intense than the previous time, without spending more than 5 minutes for all the series.

Chest Flexions diamond 3 series 8 repetitions
Dominated, try to change the grip in each series, use an inverted grip, more open, or to your liking, but change the position in which you hold the bar.
Displacement without weight: walk 30 steps, 15 distributed on each leg without using weight, rest 30 seconds between sets.
Burpees 3 series without performing them in a time greater than 5 minutes, try to make them faster than the previous time.
You must perform the routine for up to 3 weeks, you will see how your body transforms in less than 1 month.

It is important to take a good diet, this routine is perfect in combination with the Ketogenic Diet , You can find information about it in If you have any questions regarding the Burpees do not hesitate to consult it.

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How to have well drawn abs

How to have well drawn abs? Well you will know it by reading this article!

Many people perform hundreds of bust readings until they feel an intense burning in their abdominal muscles, hoping to see a beautiful chocolate bar appear one day.

But nothing is drawing, and it’s normal! Because to have well drawn abs you must first remove the fat that covers them.

If you do not know it yet, you do not have to waste time doing tons of abdominal muscle exercises to melt your belly fat.

There is no exercise that can melt fat on a specific area.

If you use the right exercises you may be able to develop your abdominal muscles, but not target the melting of your abdominal fat.

There is such a true expression that says “abs are drawn in the kitchen”.

It does not matter how much you do in sets and repetitions with exercises to strengthen your abs, if you do not eat properly to reach a caloric deficit you will never melt the fat of your belly.

To have well-designed abs, you simply need to lower your body fat percentage.

Measuring and tracking your body fat percentage is a valuable technique for tracking your progress and getting to have abs.

How far to decrease its fat to have well drawn abs

The question you ask yourself is, what percentage of body fat should I get to get well-drawn abs? “.

It’s a sensitive issue, but I’ll try to answer it specifically.

First, this percentage will be different if you are a man or a woman.

For physical and physiological reasons, women need more body fat than men.

The minimum fat percentage required for a man is 2 to 5%, while for a woman it is at least 10 to 13%.

To give you a more specific idea, here is a chart with frequently used data to classify body types based on fat percentage.

This chart should only serve as a benchmark to determine your goals, because from one person to another the definition of the abdominal muscles may be different despite a similar percentage of fat.

For example, a man with 11% fat will have well drawn abdominals, while another will need to go down to 8% fat to achieve the same result.

Make efforts on your diet and follow the results until you have the abs drawn as you wish.

Do not rely on others, photos or sizevital male enhancement videos found on the web or in magazines.

Bodybuilders or fitness models usually fall below 6% body fat when they go to a contest or photo shoot.

To reach this very low level of fat, it is necessary to go through a strict diet and the maintenance of this level of fat and very difficult.

The very low levels of body fat are not meant to be maintained throughout the year, it is too restrictive and the cause of health problems.

You should not take an example of these models and set a long-term maintainable goal.

What goal to set for having athlete abs

To have well-designed abs all year, if you are a man aim a percentage of fat between 8 and 10% and for if you are a woman slightly below 20%.

This level of fat is easy to maintain with a suitable diet, so you can keep your abs athlete all year.

To guide you a little further on your quest for a superb chocolate bar, you will find below body shots with their percentage of body fat.

Choose your ideal body and put everything in place to get the same.

Losing fat while keeping the muscle may be long, so set yourself realistic goals and you’ll get there for sure.

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Anti cellulite massage before or after the sport?

It can not be said enough, to get the physique of his dreams, nothing beats a healthy diet combined with physical activity . But cellulite can be difficult to eliminate, even with a healthy lifestyle. Massages are an effective weapon to reduce the appearance , especially if you do it before the sport !

The best time to massage
I want to eliminate my cellulite! This is a phrase that many women say at least once. The effects of palpate-rolling to fight cellulite are well established , so this is an excellent method to solve this problem, and even more if you combine it with a suitable treatment, whether it is a cream , a body oil or even a homemade mixture that you have prepared yourself with vegetable oils, coffee grounds, etc.

Thanks to its action on the blood circulation , this technique helps to dislodge and eliminate cellulite that we hate so much to see on our thighs and buttocks. But when to do this anti-cellulite massage ? Before physical activity or after?

The answer is to do it in the preamble of your activity! Indeed, when you massage your body, you attack specific areas to activate the circulation and help dislodge cellulite. When you go to do your physical activity , you’ll be able to eliminate waste more easily and your exercises will have a better impact on the treated areas while you massage.

This is a significant boost for effective weight loss and a more toned physique!

Even more slimming benefits
The secret of success to lose weight as to enjoy the virtues of palpate-rolling is the regularity! Take the time to massage dx lean diet forskolin each day to enjoy the benefits of cellulite.

The palpate-rolling is not always pleasant to practice, it is sometimes painful , but it is so effective to find an aesthetic body that it would be a pity not to do it.

For an even stronger action and a reinforced slimming effect , think about accessories and devices for palpate-rolling. From the simple plastic suction cup to the ultra high-tech device, you are spoiled for choice and in a wide range of prices.

Tips to promote weight loss
To better enjoy the benefits of palpate-rolling, drink plenty of water (at least 1.5 liters per day) , eat healthy and sleep well. These simple tips will help you find a nice skin without a bud, in addition to improving your health .

Palpate-rolling is the ideal technique to say goodbye to cellulite. Massage for a few moments, then go to your workout to get the most out of your profits.

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What warm up before the pilates?

Pilates is a physical activity and a sport like any other . Before you get started, you must warm up not only to prepare your body for the effort, but also to reduce the risk of muscle overload and body aches .

Here are some tips and easy exercises to do before your session.

Work breathing
The first thing to do during your Overnight Lean Keto warm up is to work the breath. It is important to remember that breathing is one of the bases of this practice .

In addition to preparing the body for the effort, it also helps you relax , so that you can correctly perform all the necessary movements, with confidence.

So how to do it ? To start, stand in a standing position, slightly spreading your legs. Inhale deeply through the nose and block your breathing for a few seconds. Then exhale through the mouth gradually, making sure to contract the abdominal muscles .

Repeat the exercise 5 times, rather slowly .

Energy center and back
It is only after working with the breath that you can warm up your body. Start by warming up your energy center, ie the abdominal and lumbar areas, by turning your hips to the left , then to the right at a slow pace, and with your arms. surveys.

This exercise aims to reduce any tension in this part of your body. Do not forget to warm up your back . To do this, simply kneel on a carpet, with your hands on the ground and your back straight.

Then form a bow with your back , and stay on this position for about 5 seconds before returning to the starting posture.

Repeat the movement 10 times .

Do not forget the ends and shoulders
Continue your preparation session at the extremities. The heating of the arms is simple. Standing, with tight legs, raise the arms in a lateral position and parallel to the ground. Make 15 full and slow circular motions forwards and 15 other motions to the rear. Also take the time to relax the upper back and shoulders .

Why ? The answer is simple: these are areas that easily accumulate tension during the day. To warm them up, simply raise Overnight Lean Keto REVIEWS the shoulders to the maximum height and return to the initial position. Repeat the movement about fifteen times .

The warm-up is an essential preparation step . Start with breathing before soliciting different parts of your body. In order for the warm-up to be effective and to enjoy the benefits of pilates , it is important that the movements remain slow and steady .

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