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Your libido does the yoyo? Would you like to become a sex beast? From sports to sports in the room, there is only one step, provided you are well in your head and in your body

Sedentarity, stress, fatigue, tobacco, obesity, difficulties in daily life have a bad impact on desire. For both men and women, these factors do not mix with sexual prowess. ” The enemies of the libido are the anxieties. Whether they are personal and we drag them since childhood, professional and social, or relational, we are assaulted. It is therefore difficult to keep this libido above the water, to avoid it being submerged, smothered.Gérard Tixier, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, sex therapist (sex therapist attached to Henri Mondor Hospital) and a couple therapist in Paris, knows very well that sexual impulses first go through feelings, emotions and feelings before to express in the body. Co-author of several books, he has been involved for more than twenty years as part of the association Urgences psychiatries.

Can sport influence your love life?
The euphoric effect of physical activity.
In the fight against and prevention of anxiety disorders , physical exercise is a simple, natural and effective method. We also know a euphoric effect. So much so that some joggers or top athletes, after a long and intense effort, speak of grace, of floating. What coaches commonly call “runner’s ecstasy”.

Once released from the brain, specifically the hypothalamus and pituitary gland , endorphins disperse into the blood, body tissues and central nervous system. With their molecular structure close to that of opiates, these endogenous morphines reduce pain, reduce stress, control breathing and gastrointestinal transit, and provide a sensation of pleasure, euphoria …

Do not hesitate to put yourself or get back to sports, especially since we also know that the amount of endorphins can reach Trialix five times that at rest, after only 30 to 45 minutes of effort. So, before opting for some drugs, think sport. ” Attention, warns Gerard Tixier. It’s not enough to go jogging, and presto! we go to bed. This is not direct access. When you are well and relaxed, the libido has no trouble in finding a way. Physical activity is a facilitator. ”

What factors stimulate your libido
“Sexual function is all the more effective when the individual is in better health”
Endurance activities, such as running, cycling, walking, swimming, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, and indoor cardio-training (rowing, treadmill or walking, stepper, elliptic …) are ideal solutions to stimulate the secretion of endorphins. They also seem to protect against possible erectile dysfunction .

Land training promotes the circulation of blood and the production of nitric oxide by the arteries. Thanks to its vasodilator qualities, it
prevents cardiovascular diseases, risks of cholesterol, but also problems of erections. Nitric oxide dilates the vessels of the body and those of the male sex. By inflating the spongy body in the penis, blood circulation is improved.
Erections are thus easier. In the words of William Master, American sexologist, ” like all other physiological processes, the sexual function is exercised more effectively that the individual is healthier .”

Your physical condition …
No need to become a top athlete to ensure under the duvet
For many years, the relationship between sport and sexuality has been the subject of many studies. According to recent research, conducted on subjects who have followed a nine-month running sport program, it has been shown that the monthly frequency of intercourse has increased to 12 from 7.

After three months of aerobics dance, women saw their reports increase by 30%. Gentlemen, join Madame at a dance club! It must be said that with greater cardiovascular endurance and better muscle tone, we tire less quickly. Warning ! No need to become a top athlete to ensure under the duvet. Because “too much sport kills the sport”. Overtraining, long-term efforts, affect the libido of both sexes.

Watch out for sports overdose!
In the long run, this overdose results in hormonal disruption. The testosterone level would gradually decrease in the blood, hence a decrease in sexual appetite. A phenomenon that we could compare to amenorrhea, the absence of menstruation in women. Whether you’re doing trail running or bodybuilding, on some level you become narcissistic. ” You end up watching sports. Sexuality is not in narcissism , adds Gérard Tixier. You have to be open to others. Bodybuilders are not the best lovers. Women know it. They are not fooled! ”

It’s up to you to find the right balance.

… or your testosterone?
Overweight men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction.
In this way, you better understand why physically active people know a lot of sex for a lot of people, provided they are in the right position. Question of common sense. Just as physical activity combined with a certain lifestyle and a balanced diet makes you lose weight, it lowers the level of sugar and cholesterol …

In fact, according to a survey, men whose waist circumference exceeded 50 were twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction compared to 40-42. Another research by researchers at the University of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, has found that pre-diabetic and overweight people who have dieted up their testosterone levels. 50%.

And if you add to that the results of the Bentley College researchers’ study in Waltham, Mass., You start swimming right away. With one hour of swimming a day, four to five times a week, the 160 swimmers aged 50 to 70 have a sex life similar to that of 20 or 30 year olds. And you will jump into the water even faster knowing that from age 50, the libido diminishes.

Improve your confidence.
Whose fault is it ? At a decrease of hormonal secretions. Is sexual appetite a simple story of hormones? With a few pounds off the scales, a firmer body, you feel better about yourself, even attractive, very attractive even.

Result: you improve your self-confidence . You find yourself even irresistible. As a result, you are more receptive to sexual cues. Because the libido is above all desire his partner and be desired. It’s better to be handsome, rich, intelligent and humorous than ugly, poor, stupid and boring. It remains to be seen, of course, who is handsome and who is ugly. All tastes are in nature !

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